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Familiarization Trip for travel agency for World Masters Game in Hyogo & Tokushima planned in the beginning of March 2022  were postponed due to spread of infection of Covid-19. This website is for those agency  which planned to join the FAM trip in March and it covers the gamut of  the FAM trip itinerary by video related concerns golf courses, sightseeing spots and accommodations in Hyogo and Tokushima prefectures.


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1  10:00 Arrive Naruto bus terminal
 10:30  Visit Grandi Naruto Golf Club 
 11:30 Lunch at seafood restaurant
 13:30  Ryozenji-temple, temple number 1 of the 88 sacred places of Shikoku
 15:00 Sake brewery, Soy sauce brewery
 19:00 Cultural experience
2  08:00 J Classic Golf , Naruto Country Club
 15:00 Indigo dye experience  
 17:30 Dinner at a local restaurant and bar hopping 
3  09:00 Tokushima Country Club, Takagawa Higashi Tokushima Golf Club
 15:30 Waki  machi , Making Lamp shade 
 18:00 Dinner , Cultural experience
4  08:30 Naruto Whirlpools
 09:30 Otsuka International Museum
 11:00 Lunch
 13:00 Awaji Japanese puppet drama 
5  10:00 Awaji Country Club
 11:30  Inspection and lunch at Grand Nikko Hotel Awaji
 14:15 Himeji Castle
 18:00 Inspection at ANA Crowne Hotel
6  10:00 Hanayashiki Golf Club ( 9 holes)
 13:30 Calligraphy experience
 15:45 Arima Hot spring 
 18:30 Dinner
7  10:00 Sun Royal Golf Club
 18:30 Dinner
8  09:30 Check-out 
 10:00 Sake brewery  
 12:00 Lunch, end of FAM tour 

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