Please read through  "General Knowledge" of golf course in Japan

How to play golf in Japan


Normally there's 1 caddie per each group. 


Lunch Breaks:

Golf courses in Japan do not allow "playing through" without a lunch break on throughout the year except playing in Hokkaido and Okinawa. 



Most golf courses in Japan provide a cart shared with 5 people including caddie per group. When self-play, players need to manage the cart with remote controller, sometime without controller.

Walk-play with a caddie is required to play at some prestige golf courses which still has not introduced golf carts.


Rental Clubs/Shoes: 

Shoes and clubs are available for rent. The price for clubs vary depending on golf course.




Tips for caddie is not necessary in Japan, however, tips will be surely appreciated.


Club Delivery :

It's possible to ship your clubs directly to/from the clubhouse at every course in Japan. S

* Require to send your clubs at least two or three days before the day you will play.