Please read through  "General Knowledge" of golf course in Japan

How to play golf in Japan


Normally there's 1 caddie per each group. Basically golfers had been required playing with caddies, but recently due to the shortage of caddies, many golf clubs offer self-play, though it depend on the club. 


Lunch Breaks:

Golf courses in Japan do not allow "playing through" without a lunch break on throughout the year except playing in Hokkaido and Okinawa. After the first 9 holes, players need to take 40-60 minutes lunch break, and sometimes over 1 hour on weekends. Many golf courses prepared lunch menu with photographs that will be easy for players to select. 



Most golf courses in Japan provide a cart shared with 5 people including caddie per group. When self-play, players need to manage the cart with remote controller, sometime without controller.

Walk-play with a caddie is required to play at some prestige golf courses which still has not introduced golf carts.


Rental Clubs/Shoes: 

Shoes and clubs are available for rent. The price for clubs vary depending on golf course.

* Large size shoes over 28 cm might possibly be unavailable.



Tips for caddie is not necessary in Japan, however, tips will be surely appreciated.


Club Delivery :

It's possible to ship your clubs directly to/from the clubhouse at every course in Japan. Send your clubs from a courier counter at the airport/hotel/convenience store/sales office to the designated golf course. You can go to the course or travel by train or bus without carrying heavy luggage, just pick up your clubs at the course.

* Require to send your clubs at least two or three days before the day you will play.  


Dress Code:

Most golf clubs in Japan have an appropriate dress code, and they ask that all guests respect it.


Gentlemen – Shirts with a collar (Mocks are acceptable) and golf slacks/shorts are considered appropriate attire.  Shorts must be of conservative tailoring no more than 3” above the knee.  Tank tops, t-shirts, cut-offs, sweat pants, athletic shorts, swim trunks, tennis shorts and blue denim jeans and denim shorts are not permitted.


Ladies – Dresses, skirts, slacks, golf shorts, blouses and golf specific t-shirts are considered appropriate attire.  Skirts and shorts must be of conservative tailoring and no more than 5” to 6” inches above the knee.  Tank tops, t-shirts, cut-offs, halter-tops, sweat pants, athletic shorts, swimsuits, and blue denim jeans and denim shorts are not permitted.

Caps and Hats, if worn, must be worn with the brim facing forward. 



Tattooed players do not allow to play at every golf club in Japan.