Golf Holiday  Sample  Plan 

How to enjoy playing golf in Hyogo

Plan 1 : Enjoy the Night Life of Kobe

Kobe Nankinmachi is one of Japan’s 'Three great China towns' with Yokohama and Nagasaki Chinatown. Over a hundred of shops including restaurants, Chinese food stores and variety shops stand in a row in this popular sightseeing area. Many shops sell sweets and dim sum, making Nankinmachi the perfect place for strolling and trying different specialties. Come and explore the delicious Chinese food in Kobe Nankinmachi!

Plan 2 : Enjoy the Prestigious Golf Courses in Hyogo

The first ever Japanese golf course was Kobe Golf Club established in 1903 n addition to its spot in history as the birthplace of Japanese golf the conditions of Kita harima including the fact that it is situated just outside of Osaka and Kobe proved to be favorable for golf leading to the creation of many golf courses that reach a high standard due in part to the regions abundance of rolling hills and other geographical features Hirono Golf Club which is said to be the number one golf course in Japan is of course located in Hyogo Also located in Hyogo are Naruo Golf Club and many other 5 star courses that are open to all visitors.

Plan 3 : Enjoy “Friendly Competition”

One of the greatest features of golf tourism in Hyogo prefecture is that the system itself is a joint effort between the public and private sectors Hyogo prefecture places great importance on golf due to the traits of the region. Those in the local golf industry shared our vision which led to the creation of our “Friendly Competition Tour ” n addition our efforts extend beyond golf into the realms of experience oriented tourism and regional revitalization.

Plan 4 : Enjoy the Metropolis and the Countryside