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Tokyo Destination Information

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Tokyo Destination Information


Tokyo is a capital city of Japan, the largest number of population in the world. Tokyo Olympic Game will be held in 2020.

You can find almost everything what you want  in Tokyo, excellent museums, temples, shrines, shops, restaurants, bars, etc. except golf course. If want to stay in Tokyo and play golf, we recommend you to go to neighboring prefecture, Saitama or Chiba which have many excellent courses, on average 1 hour drive from Tokyo, depending on traffic jam. 


On the other hand, there are ove golf courses in Chiba prefecture, surprisinglyf courses exist in only Ichihara city. To name some of tournament hosted cou in Chiba, Chiba Country Club, Murasaki Country Club Sumire course, Sobu Country club, Cameria Hills Country Club, Sodegaura Country Club, Takanodai Country Club....etc.


The other golf courses in both area are worthy of playing golf when want to stay in Tokyo.


Greenhills can make arrangements for you to playin neighboring area around Tokyo, as well as these lesser known golf courses. The beautiful mountain ranges or forests are mesmerizing and offer different relaxing atmosphere. 


After golf, you can enjoy relaxed nightlife in Tokyo from a various choice according to your preference and budget. Tokyo golf vacation offers some opportunity fh friends, business associates, and family. Looking for a vacation with a different itinerary? Then choose Greenhills for golf holidays abroad in Tokyo area , Japan that are unparalleled when compared with many other popular golf-tourist destinations.


Best Of Golf in Tokyo 6D/5N

Best of Tokyo golf package is suitable for all golfers. It especially appeals to golfers who want er sleeps and championship golf courses at the same time.