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Himeji Castle is the first Japanese World Cultural Heritage Site registered by UNESCO recognized worldwide, It's one of the most beautiful castles in Japan, and often called as "Shirasagi-jo" (White Heron Castle) because of its white plastered walls. After the 5-years restoration work, the castle was fully reopened in March 2015. The scenery from Tenshukaku (castle tower) is magnificent. A guided tour for foreign tourists is available for free of charge.


In the Kitano district in Kobe there are many "yokan", or Western-style manors, where the foreigners resided from the late 19th to early 20th centuries. The mansion on Kazami-dori (weathercock) located in Kitano Ijinkan-gai (town of Western-style residences) was formerly the residence of a German merchant who lived in Kobe. The rooftop weathercock and red-brick walls of this manor have come to symbolize the Kitano district. The house is open to the public.


Kinosaki Onsen is said to be discovered by an "Kounotori", Oriental stork around 1400 years ago. It is a beautiful place with the willow trees planted on the banks of Otanigawa River. The traditional Japanese hot spring town is remained here, such as Japanese Ryokan made of wood. There are renowend 7 public baths in Kinosaki Onsen, that are more popular than baths in Ryokans. Enjoy visiting 7 baths wearing a Yukata (light cotton summer kimono).