KATO city, HYOGO, Japan 

West One's Country Club

18 HOLES / PAR 72 / 6,989 YARDS


Course West One's Country Club
Holes / Par  18 Holes/Par 72
Yards 6,989 Yards
Established 1993
Designer Pete Dye
Max. golfers / Group 4
Closed on  Open Everyday
Location Hyogo, Kato city 
Distance 10min from JR Nishiwaki Station 
3 km from Takinosha I.C., Chugoku Expressway
Golf Cart Shared with 5 (INC Caddie)
Golf Set

JPY 3,000/club 

(Excluded TAX)

Golf Shoes

JPY 1,000 

 (Excluded TAX)

Umbrella Equipped
Driving Range Yes
Restaurant Yes
Bath / Hot Spring Yes/ No
Accommodation No
Green Bent/Pen cross
Tee Box/ Fairway Korea
Rough Zoysia 


West One's Country Club is located in Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture. It is an American Scottish style links course designed by Pete Die. There are undulations on both fairways and greens, and depending on where you drop, you will experience heaven and hell. Hazards are also elaborate, using sleepers for bunkers and the characteristic of Pete Dye can be seen. 

The last three holes, 16th, 17th and 18th are quite exciting. These inspire players to take on challenges. It requires accurate shots and accurate club selection. The key to get a good score is the accuracy shot and putting. You can see the whole course because the trees separating between the holes are low and few, but it is difficult to grasp the sense of distance. 

The 16th hole is a long downhill par-4. There is a creek on the left side of the hole, which is a tough layout for draw hitters. It is the best to aim the fairway center at the teeing shot. The bunker on the right side has a high jaw and it is difficult to get a par once it enters. At the second shot, it is necessary to check the position of the pin and determine where to drop it. If the pin is in the center, it is no problem to take close aim at the pin, but if the pin is placed on the right side or left side, it is better to aim the green center or in front of the green. It must be careful because the green has complex undulations.

The 17th hole is par-4 dogleg to the right. Since there is not much distance, direction is important rather than flight distance. The right side of the course has a deep rough and bunkers, so it is a common practice to aim the left side from the center even a little detour. Shortcuts have a high risk of failure. At the second shot, there is a bunker on the right front of the green and a grass bunker on the left side, so be careful. The green is low in front but it has complex undulations, so one way is to drop it to the front.

The final 18th hole is a flat and straight par-5. The pond extends to the green on the left side. The teeing shot is better to aim the center. Even if you hit the ball to the right, it will come back on the slope, but you should avoid it as much as possible because the undulation is complicated. The second shot goes the fairway center toward the clubhouse. If you avoid the pond on the left side and hit it too far to the right, you'll get caught in a high chin bunker. Since the green is low in front, it is better to drop the ball in front of the pin.

The exterior of the clubhouse is designed to blend in with the lush green mountains. It is a dignified wide one-story structure. The interior, which is full of luxury like a hotel, has a soft atmosphere with indirect lighting and sunlight from the window. Furniture such as sofas are also high quality design, giving a special time. The restaurant offers a variety of hearty set meals for lunch such as the yakiniku set meal and the roast beef bowl made with local Hyogo beef.




OUT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 TOTAL
BLACK 574 210 463 186 436 336 327 427 551 3510
BACK 539 190 438 167 421 313 303 412 524 3307
WHITE 526 167 388 152 389 293 283 392 492 3082
GREEN 500 136 362 140 355 259 271 354 436 2813
PAR 5 3 4 3 4 4 4 4 5 36
INDEX 3 15 9 13 1 7 17 5 11  
IN 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 TOTAL
BLACK 474 174 371 343 198 584 466 427 530 3479
BACK 453 147 347 331 188 549 450 407 505 3270
WHITE 421 133 335 311 186 515 415 368 490 3037
GREEN 392 113 297 290 158 487 388 338 467 2693
PAR 4 3 4 4 3 5 4 4 5 36
INDEX 4 16 10 8 14 2 6 18 12