HYOGO, Japan 

ABC Golf Club

18 HOLES / PAR 72 / 7,235 YARDS



Course ABC Golf Club
Holes / Par  18 Holes/Par 72
Yards 7,235 Yards
Established 1985
Designer Shoichi Suzuki, Ken Sato
Max. golfers / Group 4
Closed on  Monday
Tournament Mynavi ABC Champion Golf Tournament 
LBGA, Sky Ladies ABC Cup
Golf Cart Shared with 4
Golf Set

JPY 5,000 

(Excluded TAX)

Golf Shoes


Umbrella Equipped
Driving Range Yes
Restaurant Yes
Bath / Hot Spring Yes/ Yes
Accommodation No
Green Bent
Tee Box/ Fairway  
Location Hyogo, Kato city 
4 km from Hyogo-Tojo I.C., Chugoku Expressway


The ABC Golf Club is located in Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture. It is about 4 km from Hyogo Tojo IC. It was constructed to become the most visible course in TV, and it was opened in 1985. The course designer are Shoichi Suzuki who designed more than 150 courses and Ken Sato who is known for his precise design from the player's perspective. The course is designed so that not only men but also women are able to enjoy golfing, so the difference in height is only 17 m. The shape of the course is quite beautiful and the scenery in the front and the scenery in the back look the same. The 1st hole is designed with a good view so that it looks beautiful on TV. LPGA Championship was held in 1986 and 1988. After that, many tournaments have been held every year such as "LARK CUP GOLF" the biggest men's tournament in Japan, "Philip Morris Championship" and "ABC Championship". Currently, "Mynavi ABC Championship" and "Sky ABC Ladies Cup" are held.

The course is perfect blended of strategic value and scenic beauty. For example, last 3 holes are made with the theme of "Seasons". The theme of 16th hole is "Autumn" and the autumn leaves are very beautiful. The theme of 17th hole is "Spring" and various kinds of cherry blossoms bloom. The theme of 18th hole is "Summer" and there is brilliant crape myrtle. The best part of the ABC Golf Club is that you can sense the "chic" and "beauty" in your round.

The 16th hole is beautiful par-3 and it has a pond. The pond is placed in right front and the green is surrounded by 4 bunkers. As the course is downhill, it is easily affected by wind. So it is better to select the club carefully. If you drop the ball into the bunker on the left, the second shot will become difficult downhill. You should better to aim the center or the right side at the teeing shot. You should better to aim the center or little right side at the teeing shot.

The 17th hole is par-4 and there are out of bounds on the left side and a pond on the right side. At the teeing shot, it is little safer to aim the right side than the left side. The green goes down from the center to the front and there is a small tiered in the back to the left. The slope doesn't look steep, but you have to be careful because the ball rolls quite a bit.

The 18th hole is par-5 with the beautiful pond. The accuracy shot is required because there are crossed bunkers on the left and right side, and the narrow fairway. If you can drop the ball on the fairway over the bunker, you can get a chance to get on the green in two. The green is 3-tiered that the center is high and the right and left side are low. The putting from the lower tier is more inclined, so it is better to hit harder.

The entrance has a high ceiling, and the starting holes can be seen from the lobby. You can use any club from the driver to the bunker in the driving range.


OUT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 TOTAL
BACK 555 380 405 179 597 402 365 181 452 3516
REGULAR 534 359 384 156 581 380 336 162 435 3327
FRONT 513 359 362 143 559 357 310 144 402 3149
PAR 5 4 4 3 5 4 4 3 4 36
INDEX 13 7 3 17 1 9 11 15 5  
IN 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 TOTAL
BACK 369 554 178 415 408 575 202 382 423 3506
REGULAR 351 531 160 393 384 548 180 360 400 3307
FRONT 331 509 150 342 364 527 165 336 384 3108
PAR 4 5 3 4 4 5 3 4 4 36
INDEX 16  10 18 2 6 4 12 14 8